74 - Knitting and shopping

So today was the Royal Wedding. I didn't care about it at all until today. In fact I believe I re-tweeted something about not giving a fuck. Considering the amount of news about it and the amount of blog posts and press releases I had to write related to the Royal Wedding, I was getting really sick of it. However, my mum wanted me to watch it with her, so I said I would go over and watch it.

When I woke up this morning, they were talking about it non-stop on the radio (my alarm clock) about it so I had to stick on the TV and see what all the fuss was about. So yes, I went out and watched the whole thing with my mum and it was quite fun. I guess wedding perving is always fun. But I wouldn't have flew from America and camped out for two days to watch it. Just saying.

So anyway, while the wedding was on, I was attempting some knitting with the help of my Stitch n Bitch book. I took my knitting stuff with me because my mum can knit, and I was hoping she could help me if I got stuck (which I did and she did). Before I could knit, but I couldn't cast on or finish off. So here's my first attempt at just practising a square. I dropped some stitches here and there, and I didn't finish it off totally (so I could save the wool), but here it is anyway.


That random loop on the left was me trying to knit and watch the Royal Wedding at the same time. Not a good idea. I'm optimistic about it though, as this turned out a lot better than my first attempts at crocheting. 

Then me and my mum went for lunch at Ikea (hot dogs and ice cream) and then went shopping. Here's what I picked up.




The hedgehog is a tea cosy. Love it. I already have two tea cosies, which my boyfriend thinks we don't need, but we do have a teapot, so we might need them. Anyway, he was so cute, I couldn't not get him. And he looks so crafty and lovely. I also picked up this yummy recipe book for £4.99 and 4 zips (hopefully for my Sharpies case) for £1.51. Sweet deal. 

If you're bored tonight, why not head over to Feeling Stitchy and check out their round-up post about the April Stitch-along (yes I might be featured on it). Or how about checking out Searching for Serendipity's MASSIVE competition.  Get involved and you could win a tonne of prizes. 

Peace out.


  1. Good job on the knitting madam! I have the stitch n bitch Crochet one. So far I can do a chain stitch but im struggling to move forward from there! LOL.

    Lovely purchases! I never know if a tea cosy has much use? Is it simply to keep the tea pot with remaining tea in warm until you drink more? xxx

  2. I kniited a much bigger square last night but at one end dropped like 2 stitches and ended up with like an extra 5 :P all at one end. but the other end looked lovely. Yeah I have the crochet one too and I'm the same. My mum is trying to help me with it but I find it harded.

    Yeah that's what they're for. I used to read tea leaves quite a lot, so I used to use a tea cozy then, but this one was just too cute, even if I don't use him :P


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