72 - Geek out

I always get slightly geeked out when I see another blog mentioning me or something I've done, even if I knew they were going to put up a guest post or I'm sponsoring them or something. I guess it's just fun to think that other people are reading your blog and enjoying it and stuff.

Anyway, the point of this very short blog post is to gush about the fact I've been featured on Dork Stitch's blog, and you can check the post out here. As this is one of my favourite blogs, I'm quite exciting about this!

All this over little Pikachu. I'm hoping for bigger perler bead boards for my birthday so I can attempt some of the blog bigger patterns, and I'm also hoping to do them in actual cross-stitch too. Exciting times.

On a derby related note, Sunday was my last Fresh Meat lot class, and today is my first Wednesday class with the big girls. I am bricking it. I'm not sure why, but it's just quite scary, it's like going back to square one again and I'll be skating with people I've never skated with before. Eek! Hopefully all will go well, though I'm worried about climbing the stairs to my office tomorrow. I remember fresh meat all too well, and my legs did not like me.


  1. Best of luck in your new class! If you go through enough of them, do you make it to a bigger team?

    Also, I'm glad what I ended up writing about Pikachu was okay- I really liked your work and wanted to do it justice in text! Good luck with bigger perler projects, too- it's so cool to get one done and then have an oversized plastic sprite just sitting there in front of you! I have quite a few Pokemon and King of Fighters characters floating around/occasionally pinned to my wall, and the size and brightness make them really cool decorations. ^^

  2. Yeah basically if they think I'm good enough I start going to Friday class and then again if they think you're good enough to like eligable to be picked for the team. Woo! It was amazing, hard but amazing.

    Yeah I totally loved it, I am aiming to have the whole window ledge decorated so it's going to take a lot. I just found the Invader Zim patterns last night, so they may be next :D


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