71 - Feeling Stitchy's April Stitch-Along

Okay, so I gush about Feeling Stitchy a lot but I just bloody love it. It's an amazing blog, and if you haven't read it, get on it now like!

Anyway, I though I would show you what I've been doing as part of their April stitch-along as I've finally finished. I stitched the design on to a tea towel so I could make it into an apron. I then covered the back of the tea towel with red fabric which I stuck on with heat n bond (which I then got all over the carpet because I decided to not use my tiny ironing board - big mistake!) and then made it into an apron using another tea towel. So my sewing machine spazzed a little and made the stitching squint (totally wasn't anything to do with me), but as it's in white thread, you really can't tell (I hope!). I decided to do it all in red, because I wasn't sure what would show up on the pink and white spots and over at Sublime Stitching stuff gets done in all red all the time.

So here's the picture. It's been added to my crafty box as a crafty apron.

Feeling Stitchy April Stitch-along apron

Feeling Stitchy April Stitch-along apron


  1. Thank you, you can still see a lot of the pen, I need to get better and not doing really thick lines when I transfer :P


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