68 - Too busy to blog

April 20, 2011
Well we all know it happens, life can get in the way on blogging. In this case, I think blogging is getting in the way of life. Ha ha it may seem crazy but it's true.

This past month or so I've been super busy because I've been taking part in so many things like craft swaps, pay it forward and sponsoring blogs, which means makings things and writing guest posts.

Don't get me wrong, I totally love it, but I've been so busy with work/derby/and sorting out things that need to be done for certain dates (like guests posts etc) that I've not had as much time to craft for myself as I would like, and after all that's what this blog is really about, my crafting and reading about other people and their amazing crafts.

The good news is that I've finished all my busy stuff. Pay it forward and craft swap are doing, all my guest posts and giveaway items are done and just waiting to be used, and I did sign up for an Easter Craft swap over on Strumpets Crumpets but my emailing has been failing and I never got a partner, so that's probably a good thing. Stupid hotmail. Though obviously if it turns out I do have a partner I'll get right on it.

Basically I think I'm going to be spending the next while crafting for me and the love of crafting. I want to expand the things I can make and try and make different thing (like learning to knit and crochet) and as you saw by a couple of posts ago, I have a lot of things I really WANT to make.

I did say I would do a giveaway at 50 followers, but if that comes soon, I might not have the time to do it. Maybe it won't come for another 3 years and I'll be fine. Fail I know.

So maybe this makes me a bit of shit blogger, promising to do things and then having to back out of them, but sometimes the real world gets in the way and I don't want craft to be something I really I have to do, I want to do it when I have the time and I'm really excited about it.

So I do want to say THANK YOU to everyone who follows me, and I'll still be blogging and crafting all the time, I just want to take a break from all the extra stuff I attempted when I started my blog that has maybe made me more busy than I could handle. I'm not giving up, I'm just re-focusing myself on the things I love. Oh and I'll still be doing my birthday party idea if I get enough people who want to get involved.

So tonight will be spent eating an awesome chicken dinner with the man of my dreams, playing some form of xbox game and then trying to make my way through more of my April stitchalong as it has been feeling a little neglected. I've also found another awesome picture that I'm going to make out of perler beads, and that's only small so it will defo be getting done tonight.

Major blog love readers <3

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