66 - Handmade craft swap

April 18, 2011
So, as you may know I've been involved in the Hand Made Craft Swap which was organised by the lovely Artichoke Designs.

Well today I received my parcel in the post at work, which was a lovely surprise considering I was having a fail day through being ill (or possibly two days of being hungover but I don't think so...maybe).

My parcel was from Butterfly and Ladybug and to be honest I wish I had taken photos of me opening it and the lovely way it was package. It was wrapped in some lovely blue floral type paper, and stuffed with loads of lovely different sheets of paper. The two packages I received with also wrapped in tissue paper and red ribbon. Nom! So pretty, but I was so excited I tore right into that bad boy.

My parcel contained a lovely letter and a card, which are both now stuck to my dishwasher (we can't stick stuff to our fridge ha ha).

Handmade craft swap stuff from Butterfly and Ladybug

My first parcel was a little pouch style bag with some lovely beads on the zip. As you can see it's lovely.

Handmade craft swap stuff from Butterfly and Ladybug

My second parcel was this bag. Oh my lord it is so amazing. It's skulls and cherries and pink, black and red. Wow! I never thought I would get something as amazing as this. Michelle even admitted that she had been stalking my blog and twitter to get my bag right, and it clearly paid off. She said she didn't put a fastening on the top so I could cram it full of stuff (mainly derby stuff). I am worried it would get crushed if I crammed all my derby stuff in it, so I'm going to use it as an on the move crafting bag. It has pocket for putting little things in, it's big enough to fit books, magazines, fabric and everything in and I'm going to use the little pouch bag with it to hold needles and thread etc. It's so pretty and craft, and I think it will go nicely with my on-to-go projects.

Handmade craft swap stuff from Butterfly and Ladybug

I'm so happy with my gifts and I can't thank her enough for them, they are awesome. Craft swaps are literally the best thing ever, get involved!


  1. LOVE the bag! Seems very "you". xxx

  2. I am so glad that you liked it. I had fun creating it. It was my pleasure.

  3. I know right! It's so awesome, everyone at work was perving on it. :D x


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