64 - Perler beads - Take one

April 17, 2011
So after my obsessive post about perler beads, I decided to get back into them. I hunted out my bottle of beads and my boards, and it turns out I have a lot more boards that I thought I did. I also bought some nice little Tupperware boxes to sort out the beads into coloured sections, so that I didn't have to sort them out like every time I wanted to make something.



So I browsed through some of the lovely patterns on Dork Stitch and decided to make this little Pikachu, mainly because I didn't have a board big enough to fit a lot of the other patterns. But I will get one eventually. I've yet to iron to him because I get forgetting to get my iron out, but here he is still on the board.


I'll probably iron him tonight and then find somewhere awesome to put him. I have my eye on more patterns, but yeah I'll have to buy a bigger board before I can make them. Love how well he worked out though.


  1. so cute. I first got beads like this when I went to Norway when I was 11. Now my girls like them.

  2. Wow, I really admire your organizational skills! All of my perlers are still dumped in the buckets I bought them with. The Pikachu looks fantastic, too! Would you mind if I featured this in my next normal blog post?

  3. Ha ha no that would be amazing! I still need to iron him, stupid weekend was far too busy so he was put somewhere safe so I didn't knock him over. So hopefully I hope get a better picture of him up :D


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