63 - eBay haul

April 16, 2011
So I love eBay. Well sometimes. The other week I found this amazing cross stitch job lot for a starting bid of £2.50 and I won it for that price. Woo hoo. Plus £2.50 postage to arrive, it finally came on Friday. So here's what I got.




Amazing, what a bargain for £5 right? However, I am missing one small cross stitch kit. Sigh. I've emailed the seller about it, but they are yet to get back to me. Hopefully I'll get it. I'm holding off feedback till I do.

There is also the slight problem of the fact that one of the kits came free with a magazine, and of course, the pattern for it is in the magazine. Fail.

Also ten inch embroidery hoop, win!


  1. Hey love, are you talking bout the bird compact case? if so, i have that magazine and can try and scan it in for you if you'd like? Maybe give me your email address? xxx

  2. ha ha yeh I am talking about the bird case. That's so weird I was actually thinking of asking you if you had it because you were doing the pin cushion set. Ha ha.

    Awesome, yeah that would be amazing if you could? I don't want to trouble you though. My email address is wicked_sister69@hotmail.com.

  3. Well well! There you go! Problem solved! DO you get that magazine every month? No problems, I dont have it on me at the mo, ill dig it out tomorrow and scan it in for you. Oh the bonuses of blogs eh! :-) xxx

  4. I've only bought it the once, cause I never though craft magazines were that good, but the couple I found I really like so I'll probs be getting it all the time from now on :) I know! It's awesome x


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