62 - Blog birthday party

April 14, 2011
Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers.

It's my birthday on the 20th of May, where I turn the grand old age of 24. I was thinking it might be fun to run a blog birthday party in the week running up to my birthday (my birthday is a Friday so probably start it on the Monday and have it all round up on the Friday).

I've seen blogs do this before and I thougth it might be fun to try it. Is anyone interested in taking part?

You can contribute anything you want whether it's a guest post, a tutorial, a recipe or an item for a giveaway, it would be amazing to have as many people invovled as possible.

If you would like to be invovled then please email me at wicked_sister69@hotmail and let me know! Hopefully if I get enough people, this can be awesome.


  1. I'm in! Don't know yet with what, but I'll email you as soon as I know :)

  2. Id love to contribute, although not sure I have anything to contribute! Ill try have a think! xxx

  3. Yeah anything you can think of would be great, even if it a post talking about crafts you like or anything like that :D

  4. I'm in too kim! my bday is on may 5.. !!!!! hahaah

  5. Awesome! Ha ha May Birthdays rock! I'm excited now :D


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