61 - Just too busy...

I seem to be far too busy to be doing crafty stuff of late, and it's not too much fun. Work can be very tiring, which leads to me wanting to sleep in the evenings rather than actually move. Also when I have stuff to do after work (like see my mum), that's the whole day gone, even though it is obviously fun being social and not just living in a hole all the time.

I'm half way through my April Stitch Along piece, but I haven't done any since Sunday, and I won't get anything done tonight seeing as I'm out. It's time like this I wish I was on Easter holidays like all the school kids so I would have plenty of time to do things.

Derby is also going to take up a lot of my time when I start skating with the big girls in a couple of weeks, as I could potentially be skating a Sunday, Wednesday and a Friday.

Though last night I did make a little more progress with my crocheting, as my mum actually explained to me how to do one than more row. It looked awful, but I'm getting there. I need to take a bash at knitting next. I debated writing a rota, with a different craft every night, but I thought that would be too restrictive if I was taking on a big project.

On a brighter note my mum went into town on Monday and bought me a little pressie which I had had my eye on for ages.

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Yes, he is a little Cath Kidston pin cushion shaped like a hedgehog. I love him and I have named him Professor Spikey (I don't care if it's lame). He will live in my sewing machine bag and be my lovely sewing machine pin cushion.

My mum also told me she considered buying me this.

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This is also Cath Kidston, and I've eyed it up before. While I would have been over the moon if she had bought it for me, I'm not sure what I would have used it for as my sewing is currently very organised. I would have found something for it I'm sure.

Speaking of organised, I'm planning on drafting up a gift tag which will now go out with my giveaway prizes (and hopefully items if I one day get a shop). A while ago I had bought some lovely punches shaped like hearts and flowers and I bought a lovely flower stamp to mark the tags. However, I was annoyed with myself because the last thing I sent out had the lovely gift tag but was minus the stamp. May seem minor but I like to keep things tidy and the same. So I figure a nice plan to work off will keep me right in the future, and I will hopefully remember to use my lovely flower stamp. So that may get done tonight if I have time before I go to boogie down to Just Dance on the Wii.


  1. AHH love the hedgehog! I was also eyeing up the caravan eque sewing box, however, not sure it would fit into any form of design house wise!


  2. I do love him :D I have like 3 pin cushions so apparently I didn't need him, but how could you not :P x


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