60 - My Favourite Free Patterns

April 13, 2011
I love craft books, but I can get a bit carried away and end up spending a lot of money just so I have a huge selection of craft projects to be getting on with. I love having a choice and spreading myself out over a number crafty type projects.

Free patterns are one of my favourite things in the world. Not only are the free (bonus), but they spread the work of bloggers and give other people (like me) the chance to make things from a number of different sources and make amazing things.

As it's spring, new patterns are popping up all over the place with a lovely spring theme to them and I'm so excited. So here are some of my favourite spring time free patterns that are around just now, so if you're stuck for ideas, here are some things you could try.

1. April Stitch Along pattern on Feeling Stitchy from My Hiding Place in Cyberspace.
Image via 
You will know that I love the Feeling Stitchy stitch alongs, and I am currently in the middle of this lovely April showers type picture. I love it and if you get involved you can post photos of your work onto the Feeling Stitchy flickr group and share the love.

2. Chocolate bunnies pattern from The Split Stitch.

Image via
This one is amazing and so cute. It features a number of chocolate bunnies in various states of being eaten. Nom! This one is only available for a limited time, because it's actually from the blog's shop, so snap it up while you can! It's only on the blog till the end of it's Spring-Time Eggstravaganze so act fast.

3. Egg sampler from The Split Stitch (again).

Image via
What can I say, when I love a girl's patterns, I love them and this is amazing. So cute!

4. Family tree hanging from Wild Olive.

Family Tree
Image via
Dear Lord I love Wild Olive. Her stuff is just so cute and lovely. As part of her Family Week Mollie posted this lovely tutorial for a fabric family tree wall hanging. So cute and easy to add to and much less stuff than the traditional route.

5. Heart crochet bunting from Scissor Quirk.

Okay so I can't crochet, but I love this. It's so cute, and image how nice it would look hanging...well anywhere! With the Royal Wedding coming up, we need an excuse for bunting. When I learn to crochet (hopefully) this will definitely be on my list.

So these are just 5 of my favourites out there, but I've been seeing loads lately (you should see my to-do list ha ha!), but these are so lovely and spring themed I think you should all get your craft on and make some of these lovely things.


  1. That bunting is so adorable. My to do list is huge too, and then I see something else I want to make...doh

  2. I know, I would love to have it hung around my living room. When I learn to crochet, it will defo be one of the first things that I make :D

  3. I saw the bunting recently and am aspiring to that!! I also saw crocheted heart shaped ones, amazing! xxx


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