59 - Giveaway and Guest Post

April 12, 2011
As you may know I've been doing a sponsor button swap with Searching for Serendipity this month and I'm also sponsoring Pixie Mama's blog. Exciting times.

Over on Pixie Mama right now you can check out a guest post for a tutorial on how to make one of my lovely felt clutch/make-up/pencil bags.

Finished product

So check out the tutorial here.

And if you like it so much, you can win a tiger print version on Searching for Serendipity's blog, as she is hosting a giveaway for one on her blog.

Head on over there now for details of how to win this lovely felt clutch bag.

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  1. Hello honey. I am new here, and a new follower. I would love to be entered into the giveaway- I could do with some pampering. Have the best day xxx I am here if you fancy popping over http://mypangaloon.blogspot.com/


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