56 - Love of Sharpies

April 11, 2011
I love Sharpies. While I have never owned a full sized one, I've had a little one on my keys for a few years now. It's so handy to have, and I used to use it to write endless song requests out at the Hive (a club in Edinburgh) when my friend's Matt and Stoo used to DJ there. It's great for a night out. I mean you always have your keys on you, but you don't always have a pen do you?

I love the little pocket Sharpies they are so cute. I've always wanted the big set that they have with 12 lovely colours, but it's quite expensive, usually about £13. Eek.

Well that all changed yesterday.

Over the weekend I came across the post by Crafted Love on making a Sharpie bag. I've always known crafters have a deep love for Sharpies, but the thought of this bag was so cool. I needed to make it (even though I'm yet to put a zip in ANYTHING, but I'll get there)...I just needed to. But of course, what is a sharpie case without Sharpies.

I decided yesterday that I was going to treat myself to the Sharpies so I popped to Tesco with a £1.50 Clubcard voucher, good times. And when I got there I discovered that they were half price! Only £6.50! How good is that? Even better.

I have yet to make my lovely case, but it has been added to my to-do list and it will definitely be getting done. I encourage you to make it too if you share the Sharpie passion.

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  1. oooooh i LOVE sharpies! i've always got a pencil bag full of them with my journal!


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