55 - Warm Sundays (and not the ice cream)

So today has been spent mostly in the house. Because I passed everything last week I didn't have to go and skate this week (which was quite upsetting but hey I would have just been taking up space for the people who really needed to pass). Me and the boy did venture out into the sun at one point to take a walk along the beach to drink the chocolate milkshakes we had just bought. There were actually people swimming. I know it's sunny but come on people, it's still Scotland. Mad men.

Having the whole day off and not having anything to do was lovely. So naturally I got my craft on. I've started doing my April stitch along for Feeling Stitchy (check out the button for a link), and it's so much fun. I did last month's on a bag but I'm doing something different thing month. I want to wait until it's totally done in case it doesn't turn out. It's looking quite sweet though.

I also tried my hand at crocheting today. Hmm, it's quite hard to try and follow it from a book. A friend has suggested that I look to You Tube for some lessons, So tomorrow I may try my hand are that.

Well this has been a mostly text post so let's get some pictures eh? Last month I attended the wedding of two of my friends, and for wedding favours they had little jars full of sweets. I though the jars were so cute, I knew I wanted to do something with them. So I kept mine and my boy's. I decided today I was going to use them to store pins and knitting stuff (pin protectors and stitch counters) in the other. They were a little plain, so I decided to decorate them and I knew exactly what to use - the lovely printables I won from Wild Olive. I print them off and glued them on and I love them!

Decorated jars with Wild Olive printables

Decorated jars with Wild Olive printables

So cute right! Love them. :D

I also made a pin cushion cross stitch kit that I got free in one of my cross stitch magazines. Definitely did better at the cross stitch this time (all my stitches are going the right way for once).

Cross stitch pin cushion

I wish I could craft this much all the time. Work just gets in the way eh?


  1. AHHH YES! Im working on the Cross stitcher gift at the mo, I dont really like the flowers tho, so think im going to change them to spools! xxxx

  2. It was quite fun to make, and I like cross stitching little things that get done quickly. I think when I get better I'll make another one with a different pattern on it, but I'm not there yet :P


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