54 - Pay it Forward Round up

April 10, 2011
So, my Pay It Forward adventure is finally done. And I'm quite sad. I heartily enjoyed doing it and sharing my crafts with other people and also getting some crafting things in return. But all my partners have their gifts now, so I thought I would do a nice wee round up of everything that was swapped.

I signed up for Pay it Forward through Just Because By Leelee and she sent me this.


Loved it! So here are all the things I sent to my 5 partners.

Just Because by Leelee.

Image via

 Artichoke Design.

Finished product

Love Art Child.

Image via

Zayda Barros.

Image via

And my Derby wife Knock-Turnal

Feeling Stitchy March Stitch Along

And that's it over! If you see anyone doing pay it forward on their blog, I would definitely take part! It's so much fun.

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