53 - Spreading the love

Major bit of love spreading this fine Friday morning. So let's get it done eh?

Firstly, my handmade craft swap partner got her gift this week, so I can finally show you pictures. My partner was Erin over at My Beautiful Disaster and in her email questionnaire it was listed that she liked owls. So I decided to make her an owl. He was meant to be a bit bigger, but I fail at paying attention to patterns. Anyway, I think he turned out quite well. Here's Erin's picture of him.

Image via

I'm so glad that she like him, and that he made it all the way to Canada. If you want to make him you can get the pattern on the Hobbycraft website.

Secondly, I'm very excited to be taking part in Feeling Stitchy's April stitch along. I took part in the March one and made the lovely octopus print bag that I gave to my derby wife. Check out the pattern for this month and get involved. It's so much fun! I'm trying to think what to put it on. I wanted to put it on another bag, but I did that last month so I'm trying to think outside the box.

Finally, as I have already told you, this month I'm sponsoring Pixie Mama and Searching for Serendipity. I think you should go check them out and show them some love. I've already featured in an introduction post on Searching for Serendipity, but still to come includes a guest post, a tutorial and maybe a cheeky giveaway. So keep checking back for updates.

So there's a little love for you on a Friday morning and hopefully it will help you get through to the weekend :). Happy Friday.

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