52 - This is so unexpected. I'd like to thank my Dad...

April 07, 2011
So, days after receiving my first blog award I go and get another one! Exciting times.

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I was awarded the award by Cider with Sophie for this reason "Kim, the rate of knots that she seems to be working at with her crafts is jealousy inducing!" Ha ha, this makes me well happy. I do love crafting, and just getting on with things.

So here are the rules.


Say 10 facts about yourself

You must tag 10 bloggers

Tell them about the award!

10 Facts About Myself:

  1. I love my Xbox a stupid amount. Left 4 Dead is my favourite game ever. 
  2. Getting piercings really scares me, which is why I only have my nose done, and yet I have 6 tattoos. Doesn't make sense I know. 
  3. I can't touch my toes, I think my legs are too long for my body.
  4. My thumbs are double jointed.
  5. Legally Blonde is my favourite movie ever. 
  6. When I get married and have babies, I would love to be a stay at home mum. 
  7. My ring tone on my phone is the Murder, She Wrote theme tune. 
  8. I love programmes that follow the police force or doctors while they are at work. I just find them well interesting. 
  9. My car is called Mulder. 
  10. My derby number, 1102, is my Gran's birthday.
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  1. Bless you! Thank you! I liked finding a bit more out about you! ALSO! Ive just bought the R3s!!!! Ill let you know how I get on!


  2. Ah have you! AWESOME! Skating is the most fun ever. If you're skating outside, you'll need softer wheels, but they only cost like £16 or something, they're not bad. Yeah let me know how you get one :D Exciting times x


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