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April 04, 2011
Evening all. Monday's are the most stressful day of the week for me. Going back to work and having to deal with things from over the weekend/things that were sent at 6pm on a Friday isn't the best, but listening to a lot of A Day to Remember helped me power through.

Getting home from work and having a night where I could do what I wanted was good. The weekend was busy what with mother's day, having roller derby minimums and spending the day up town on Saturday. Tonight I ironed a couple of patches on my sewing machine bag. And as they are craft related ones, it looks a little more crafty now.


They only cost about a £1 each so I'm very happy with them. I also tried some more crafting. I like trying to make something a little different every time I make it to try and see if I can make it better. I'm not sure if either of my ways of crafting were better than the way I made it the first time, but it's good to experiment. I made two more pencil case/make-up case pouches.

Tiger and zebra print pouch

I sealed one with Velcro instead of buttons, but I'm not sure if I like it better, though it did requite less sewing. I also lined the zebra one with black fabric, but I used heat n bond instead of sewing it, so I might sew the two layer this time. I also stupidly put the button detail one before attempting to sew the Velcro on, so I made it hard on myself. I'll get there. I want to figure out all the kinks in my crafting so my things are nice enough to sell. They're almost there, just a little squint stitch here and there. I'm sure someone will love them all the same.

Exciting times right?

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