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April 02, 2011
Happy April everyone! I told you some exciting things were happening this month on my blog now I can tell you about them. Woo.

First of all, you may have noticed, I now have a sponsors section on my blog. That's because I did a button swap with Searching for Serendipity. There will be some awesome stuff going on on her blog so you should definitely check it out.

I am also sponsoring Pixie Mama's blog. She has awesome blog and a very cute shop, so I definitely recommend going over and checking it out, as again, some fun stuff will be going on on there.

It's all very exciting times, as I've never sponsored any other blog before as my blog is just a baby, but I'm hoping this well help it grow into a moody teenager.

On Friday one of my craft magazine kits came and let me tell you, it is amazing. It came with frames, bookmarks, cards, thread, fabric, a needle, ribbon, stickers and a huge pattern. On top of that the magazine has like over 70 patterns in it. I'm not sure why they only sent one when I ordered two, but we shall see. Hopefully I will get the other one on Monday.

As my boyfriend has been on the late shift this week, I decided to make him a present and try out my embroidery skills at the same time. My mum had bought me this lovely pack of 6 white hankies, and considering Donald is the only person I know who uses real hankies, I thought I would decorate one especially for him.

Tom Servo embroidered hanky

Tom Servo embroidered hanky

I used a little pattern of Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theatre 3000 which I found on the internet and traced it off the screen and then ironed it onto the hankie. Easy peasy. I'm getting a lot better at this now. He loved it and I really like it myself. I'm definitely going to embroider more.

If you don't know what Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is, you definitely need to watch it. It's about a man (named Joel and then Mike because they swap actors), who is shot into space by his employers. They keep him prisoner on the Satellite of Love (a spaceship) and show him really bad movies in an attempt to drive him insane. When they find the movie that works, they will show it to the rest of the planet and control it or something. Joel/Mike built some robots to keep him sane while watching the bad movies, and they spend the entire movie basically making jokes and slagging it off. It's the best thing ever, so funny, so go check it out on the interwebs.

I've decided to take on a semi-big project, though it's sort of hit a snag already. In our window area in the living room we have quite a lot of Ikea cushions. They are all plain black and red and I thought it would be an awesome idea to embroider all the cushions with different designs. Me and the boy decided we would pick half the designs each and it was going to be awesome. However, yesterday when I inspected the cushions further I found out that the cushion do not have removable covers and in fact are one whole structure, completely sewn the entire way around. Fail. So I'm now looking into getting some cheap covers for the cushions so I can still do it.

I also have a four fabric place settings which I intend to embroider with Invader Zim type things AND Donald asked me to embroider something Evil Dead on one of his shirts. Exciting times. I wish I had the time to just sit down and do it all.

I wanted to craft tonight but I am rather stressed about my roller derby minimums which are tomorrow. ARGG! I only have a little bit to pass but I'm still bricking it. Hopefully I pass and I can tick one thing off my New Year's resolutions list!

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