46 -Good times all round.

Well a few exciting type things have happened in the past week...ish that I thought I should share with you and realised I haven't yet. Woops.

First of all I won a blog competition. I never win things I enter online so I was most exited! The competition was over at Campfire Chic and I won a lovely printable calender from Batzy! Very cute, so I will definitely need to be digging out the printer again.

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So while I was quite excited to have won that today I found out I had won another competition. What? I never win stuff online. Point disproved I guess. This was over at the lovely 30 Days of Lists blog. I won four (count them four) sets of printable lists from my total blog crush Wild Olive! I could not be happier. They are so amazingly cute. I just love the stuff on Wild Olive. Everything has little faces and smiles and it just makes me so happy, and now I actually own something. Woo! Again, printer needs to get set up pronto. **EDIT when I got the email from Mollie I got six sets of printables! Eeeee! Too excited. I also received an office based set and the Food Friends set.**

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And as if all that wasn't good enough my octopus bag  was featured on the round-up post of Feeling Stitchy's March Stitch-Along. Apparently a lot of people had decided to stitch on a bag so my photo is right at the top. Exciting times yes?

Finally, here is a picture of the other cat iPod case I made for my high school friend Emma because she liked mine so much. She has apparently named him Jim already.

Cat ipod case for a friend

So he will be getting passed on to his new owner on Saturday. I did him a little different from mine and therefore the tutorial, just to experiment with how I made him. This time I sewed him inside out so the seams were hidden and I also used heat n bond on his ears so I wasn't fiddling about with sewing. Unfortunately CSI distracted me and I almost glued the heat n bond to my iron because I had it facing the wrong way. A lot of cleaning and swearing later I got it all off and he turned out great. I'm thinking if I make him again I might try lining it but I'm not sure. It's fun to make things multiple times and do it a little different and hopefully a little better each time.

Tomorrow is the first of April and lots of exciting things will be happening on the blog this month and going into the next I think. I'm very excited about it but it does mean I'm quite busy on the blog/craft front. You should see the amount of to-do lists I've got going, it's crazy. :)


  1. yaay congrats!!!! cute calendar!!
    I haven't won anything online yet! lol

  2. I'm so happy. Well this is two quite close together, well happy. x


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