45 - 30 Days of Lists round up

March 30, 2011
So 30 Days of Lists has come to an end. So I thought I would post a round-up of all my posts so you can check them out. It was muchos fun. If they do it again, I think you need to take part. It's fun times. So this is taken from my 30 Days of Lists page. Enjoy!

So I'm taking part in the 30 Days of Lists challenge (as you may have noticed from the button on my blog), which starts on March 1st 2011. Full set of photos can be viewed here.

First stage was sorting out my 30 Days of Lists Book. I chose this folder, with a stickered title page and page dividers with a mix of spelt out numbers and hand written on labels numbers.

  1. A few things about yourself.
  2. Things I'm good at.
  3. I'm looking forward to...
  4. Today's Playlist.
  5. Weekend Goals.
  6. Least Favourite Words.
  7. Blog Goals.
  8. In My Bag.
  9. Favourite Websites/Blogs.
  10. Wishlist.
  11. Date Night Ideas.
  12. Weekly Rituals.
  13. DIYs I Want To Try.
  14. Things I Love About...Derby.
  15. On My Shopping List.
  16. Places To See In Your Town...Edinburgh.
  17. Words That Are Hard to Spell.
  18. Road Trip Must-Haves.
  19. Recipes to Try. 
  20. Celebrity Crushes. 
  21. Things to do this SPRING.
  22. Today I saw. 
  23. Guilty Pleasures.
  24. I make lists for...
  25. Things I'd rather by doing right now...
  26. Books I'd Like to Read This Year.
  27. Lessons Learned.
  28. Vacations to Take.
  29. Favourite Foods.
  30. Today's to do list.

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