43 - Spicing Things Up

March 27, 2011
So a couple of posts ago I mentioned I wanted to customise my sewing machine bag. I also mentioned I wanted to make these little decorative tags that Wild Olive has made on her blog. Well I finally got around to doing it tonight.

Decorative tags

Decorative tags


I was planning on putting some buttons on it but I decided patches would be better. I only have two just now, but I hope to get more and add them as I go along. I think it definitely looks a lot better.

I also made a little tag for my "to-do" basket.

Decorative tags

Finally, I bought some little flexible baskets when I was in Asda this week and decided I was going to use them to sort my embroidery floss (as I now have quite a lot of it). So I made little tags from them too to separate the colours into warm, cold and tones (like black, white and grey).

Decorative tags


Everything looks a little prettier now. Organisation for the win!

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