44 - Home alone

March 28, 2011
So my boyfriend is on the horrible 2pm-10pm shift this week. Boo, it means I hardly get to see him. On the plus side though it does mean I get to watch bad TV and craft my face off. I also popped up to Hobbycraft tonight because one of my friends wants a cat iPod case like the one I have so I went to get the felt to make that along with a few other things. Finally got the buttons you can cover yourself so I am quite excited about making some of them.

So tonight I finished my thank you card for my mum's friend that gave me the cross stitch book I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I'm not quite down completely with cross stitching yet so I missed out some of the details, but I did try my best to make a little Russian doll.

Thank you card

I still thing she's quite cute, even though she's missing the flowers that are supposed to be her body. So I'll be giving her to pass on to my mum tomorrow, so hopefully my mum's workmate likes her.

One of the things I like about embroidery and cross stitch is the fact that they seem to sneak in everywhere. This morning I needed something pink to put on my top half so I putted on a pink cardigan I have with farm animals on it. I got it from Tammy and it's supposed to fit a 14 year old girl, but what can I say, it still fits. Anyway, check out the lovely pattern on it.



Cute right?

And finally, over the weekend another Pay it Forward safely reached it's owner! Woo.

Image via
This is Just Because by Leelee's post and she seemed quite happy with them. I did think these things (a needle book and a scissor holder) were really nice when I made them, so I might need to make myself them.

I'm now off to try and make another cat iPod cover, or at least start one before the boy gets home.


  1. that russian doll is lovely!!! i like the dancing sheep and chick on the cardigan aswell, getting their spring groove on ;) xx

  2. Aww thanks. I'm not too down with the cross stitch yet but I'm getting there.

    Yeah I totally never realised that cardi was all crafy till today. Love it!


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