42 - Craft magazines

So yesterday I went to Tesco to investigate the craft magazines section. Asda (where I usually shop) has like none, and I wanted some. I ended up spending like £19 on magazines, which may seem like a lot but I'm loving them. I had no idea how much free stuff (well not really free when you consider the price but still) you got with craft magazines.

So I bought the following four magazines:


The first of which was Sew. I have read about this on blogs for quite some time but never got round to buying it. This week I read that Wild Olive had been featured in it so I had to check it out. It also had details on Sublime Stitching and Feeling Stitchy. Love it! It came with two free pattern packets of proper dress-makers patterns (not that I've anywhere near that level of awesome-ness just yet).


Next is Cross Stitch Crazy. This was much cheaper than Sew and came with a card kit (thread and everything included), a free pattern book and a huge pattern (which you can see up the back). The magazine is also full of patterns that you can make, like loads of them.


Next Cross Stitcher. This came with the cutest little pin cushion kit (again everything included) and some amazing gold thread. It sparkles and everything. Love it. Again loads of lovely patterns in it, so hopefully I'll get well better at cross stitching.


Finally I bought Making, which basically covers all bases. It came with free tape measure and also has templates in the middle of the magazine. While I can't use quite everything just yet (as I can't knit or anything yet) but it's very lovely.

I'm not sure if I would buy Sew or Making again, but I'll definitely be buying the cross stitching ones again. They give you so many lovely patterns and free pretty things and only cost £3.99 each.

Online I also ordered two massive cross stitch craft packs.

They cost £7.99 each but they come with thread, frames, patterns, stickers, cards, bookmarks and ribbons. Love it! So those are being delivered to my work soon hopefully. GEEK OUT!


  1. AHHHHH I loveee Cross stitcher, their gifts are always so good, especially as they come with everything! I think their patterns are really contemporary too, which in my book beats the other cross stitch mags which I find tend to be a bit..... naf?


  2. Ha ha yeh I did see a couple of naf looking ones, but the two I picked seemed really cool. The two I pre-ordered aren't the most exciting patterns in the world but they come with so much free stuff I think it will be fun to make the stuff :D

    The two I bought both had Tesco exclusive free gifts with them so I will defo be buying them from Tesco from now on!


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