41 - Coffee cozie tutorial

March 24, 2011
So the other day I saw a friend of mine had made a lovely knitted coffee cozy. Now I'm not much of a knitter, so that was out of the question for me, but I have seen pictures of ones online and such. So I decided to make one for myself out of normal fabric.

I did adapt this from two or three different tutorials I saw online to come up with one that I would be able to make myself. Anything to make life easier eh?

What you will need:

- A piece of A4 paper.
- Some nice fabric.
- Heat n bond.
- Elastic (I used 7mm).
- Thread.
- Embroidery thread.
- A nice button.

First find the cup you want to use. I made mine for a reusable heated cup as I'm not down with Starbucks or anything fancy like that. Now get a piece of A4 paper. Make sure the paper wraps around the cup and overlaps a little bit. Then trim the paper to 10cms wide.

From this template cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of heat n bond.

Template, heat n bond and fabric

Iron the piece of heat n bond to the wrong side of one of the sections of fabric (follow the on packet instructions for using your heat n bond). Once it has cooled peel off the paper.

Heat n bond added

Now pin the two pieces wrong sides together. Next cut a piece of elastic about 5 inches long. Pin it to one end of the fabric, with the elastic pointing in the way (as it will be the right way when you turn the fabric - like the picture below).

Elastic added

Now stitch along 2 long sides and the short side with the elastic pinned to it. Turn the fabric the right way around and fold the open end in on itself to create a nice edge. Now iron the entire thing. This will activate the other side of the heat n bond and join it all together. This is a good idea because it will stop the two layers of fabric moving around. Then sew the last edge shut.

Finally a button needs to be attached. Wrap the cozy around your mug and place the button a little further away that the elastic will reach. This is so the elastic will have to stretch and therefore hug your cup nice and tight. Use embroidery thread unless you want to be going in and out of button holes a million times to cup the button on. And then you done.

Button added

Finished and on mug

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