40 - I'm such a basketcase

March 23, 2011
So I am happy to report that I have finished my handmade craft swap item. I need to find the time to pop to the post office and get it sent off, but that's it done. And I'm really happy with it. I'll post photos up of it once my buddy has received it as I don't want them to know which handmade thing it is that they are getting.

During my crafting experiences this week I used something for the first time. It was something that I had in fact never heard off until I started using it, and that thing was heat n bond. I had never come across it before by my it is amazing. It makes things so much faster and it looks so much near than sewing on loads of detail. I bought a huge roll of it, so I will definitely be using it a lot more in the future.

In Pay it Forward news Zayda Barros sent me a lovely email to tell me she had received my Pay it Forward pressie. She is now the proud owner of my tea-towel apron.

Image via
As you can see from the photo she looks lovely in it and I'm sure she's going to put it to go use. Happy days.

Finally, I was at my mum's last night and came home with some amazing new crafty things. A mate from her work found out I was into all things crafty and gave her a cross-stitch pattern book to give to me as she never used it. It's amazing, has hundreds of patterns in it and also tells you how to make your own patterns and samplers. In exchange for this lovely gift I am going to try (and I stress the word try) and cross-stitch her a thank you card. I'm quite excited to see how it goes. I'll let you know once I've tried it.

I was also gifted two lovely things which used to belong to my awesome gran who died in November 2010. She is exactly the type of old person and Gran I want to grow up to be. Anyway, I was given this lovely basket, which I am going to use to keep "in progress" craft projects in so bits of them don't get lost and they don't get crushed.


I've always loved this since I was a kid so it's great to actually have it as mine now and be putting it to good use.

My mum also gave me this huge bag of old thread that my Gran also had.


Some of the spools are huge! But there are some really lovely colours in there, especially the two orange threads. I'm quite excited to get to use them in something, so hopefully something will come up soon.

I have a couple of things I need to get on making for stuff coming up in the next month or so, but I always need to make time to make things for myself. I bought a bag for my sewing machine on Sunday and I fully intend to customise it with lovely things when I find the time. I have some buttons (well a lot of buttons) and some patches I can sew on it, so I hope to make it pretty. I also saw this lovely strap decoration on Wild Olive's blog and I'm thinking of making a slightly larger one for the handles. I may even make one for the handles of my new basket. So simple and so lovely right?

My listography page is going mental right now because I have so many lists. If I didn't have a full time job this would all be so much easier. I'm looking into all the things I have made from my own brain that I could maybe sell in a shop. That's the dream, so we'll see how many I can come up with.


  1. That's meeeee!!! yayy
    I do love my apron :)

  2. I should be posting it tomorrow or Saturday Erin, it's just trying to find the time to get to the stupid post office :P but it will definitely go out this week. And it's only taking a week for my other things to get to the US, so Canada should be about the same I would think? :D

    And Zayda, I'm glad you like it so much :D

  3. zaydi, how cute!!!!!!!! kim! I will post my pictures on my blog this weekend! :D so cool!

  4. Eee awesome, I highly look forward to seeing it.


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