39 - Long Time Coming

So I haven't blogged for a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. After finishing the rest of my Pay it Forward gifts and sending them off I got to work on the last one, for my derby wife, Knock Turnal. Because I know her in person I decided to do her's last because I could just give it to her at practise and she wouldn't have to wait for the post.

For Knock I decided to combine Pay it Forward with something else I wanted to do, Feeling Stitchy's March Stitch Along. I bought all that embroidery stuff ages ago and was yet to take the first step and delve into it. To be honest, I was scared. If you are sewing something and the stitch goes wrong, you can cover it up and hide it or cut them out, but with embroidery the stitches are right there. In fact, they are the main focus. And while I know that I could start over if I made a huge mistake, I was still scared to start it.

I decided to stitch the Feeling Stitchy octopus pattern on to a canvas bag for Knock, with her derby name underneath instead of the Feeling Stitchy text (us derby girls love things with our derby names on them).

I've been doing it since Thursday (man does it take a long time) and I finally finished last night (hence the lack of doing anything else). So here it is.

Feeling Stitchy March Stitch Along

Feeling Stitchy March Stitch Along

I have to tell you, I'm so happy with it! It looks so much better than what I thought it would, and I think it was quite ambitious for my first ever embroidery project. Knock also had a lovely present for me, a necklace from Cherry Trinkets Custom Designs. I love it, and it means me and Knock now have matching necklaces!


While we're on the subject of embroidery, I was reading my blog crush Wild Olive's blog with a post about transferring embroidery patterns. I read something in that post that actually seemed like the best idea to me ever!

"You'll even find embroidery patterns at the dollar store. Don't believe me? Just go to the coloring book section, and you'll find lots of options to work from!"

Genius right! I told my mum about this and she said "Oh I bet you could even get a Disney one or something." Even further genius Mother! So yesterday we went to the Pound Shop and I got a Disney colouring book and a Hanna Barbera colouring book (which also came with some stickers which are now on my sewing machine and floss sorter). I'm over-flowing with ideas now of what I could embroider. If I can print it off and get it onto fabric, then I can embroider it! Holy cow!

More Pay it Forward love came this week in a post from Love 'Art' Child (Kelly) about the gift I sent her. She is now the proud (I hope) owner of the button and fabric bag I posted before. While telling my mum about this bag (as the fabric I used was her's that she gave to me when I was little) she told me they were Laura Ashley cut offs, which I thought was pretty cool. The other 3 Pay it Forward people I sent gifts to live in America, so it will definitely take a little longer to get to them, but I hope they like them too.


  1. Love that bag, it turned out so well!

  2. Aww thanks. It took me long enough. I now love embroidery though so will defo be doing a lot more.


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