34 - Pay it Forward Love

So today work was going a bit fail to be honest, but my day was brightened up by some post. I LOVE getting post! And I knew exactly what it was. It was my Pay it Forward gift from Just because by leelee. It is so lovely.

Amazing right?!? So cute. Really happy with it.

Today I decided what I'm going to make my 5 pay it forward people. 1 is already made but I need to go to the craft shop to pick up a few things so I can make everything.

I also decided what I'm making for my Handmade Craft Swap. So I'm getting there.

Tomorrow is a chairty bake-sale at work so I've made my shortbread again, only this time with glitter icing instead of the normal sugar. Nom! Same recipe as last time - although I missed out putting it in the fridge and covering it in icing sugar, because that added nothing to it I thought. I also used my new cookie cutters, which I got from Asda. So many different shapes. Amazing.


I chose the heart though because they were so cute. I got 29 in total and kept 14 for me and the boy. After munching on a couple with a cup of tea I can tell you they are yummers!

I'm still taking part in the 30 days of lists, so why not take a peek?

This isn't the most interesting post in the world, but tonight has been busy baking and stuff. I'll get on crafting tonight and hopefully get a big chunk done tomorrow and Friday. But before I finish, two quite exciting pieces of news.

1) I added a Tutorial section to my blog. While there's only one on it right now, I'm hoping to add more in the future and this will keep them all organised.


2) I joined Bloglovin. So come follow me.

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  1. Awesome! I'm still working on my pay it forward and craft swap items. I'll be sending them out soon enough, though :)

    Also..Your sidebar says "Taking part in Handmade Craft Swap with My Beautiful Disaster", but I'm the one organizing it. haha, no big deal :P

  2. Oh yeah I had that there because she's my swap buddy? I never even thought of la confusion :S I'll fix it.

    Yeah it's trying to find the time to make everything eh? I'm got my ideas sorted though. Craft shop tonight for fabric. Want to get them posted on Tuesday/Wednesday because I'm off work :)

  3. There I've amended it now so hopefully it doesn't confuse people :)

  4. Those heart cookies are so cute!

  5. Thanks :) I like to make my food look fun, but then you feel bad eating it :P


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