35 - C is for Cookie

March 13, 2011
So last night I made cookies. I'm trying to be a domestic goddess of late and my boyfriend wanted me to make chocolate chip cookies. I decided to make mine with white chocolate, milk chocolate and fudge chunks, and I got the recipe from The Complete Book of Cupcakes & Baking by The Australian Women's Weekly.


Okay so they don't look the best, but they taste good (though I have to admit, the raw dough tasted even better!). I think next time I bake, I need to branch out and not make biscuits. Maybe cupcakes (I've seen some nom dark chocolate peanut-butter ones, so I might make them).

Tonight I have been crafting again.

Canvas bag

I decorated a plain bag I got from Hobbycraft. I used their pattern for a brooch and then sewed them all onto the canvas bag. I think it looks quite pretty, and would be quite nice for taking shopping or keeping crafty-stuff in. I have discovered I hate sewing buttons on though. It's quite hard to try and find the button hole to come back through it, I ended up stabbing my fingers quite a few times. I do have a foot for my sewing machine that sews on buttons but I'm still unsure how to use it. I'll need to work that one out.

I have two days off this week from work so I'm hoping to get a lot of stuff done. Last week mauled me at work, so I had to go to sleep quite early = no time to do anything. Fail. This week I'm more hopeful.

I'm also starting Simon Pegg's Nerd Do Well tomorrow, which I am quite excited about. Nom!


  1. Oh, the cookies just SOUND good...3 types of chocolate? YES!

  2. Ha ha I know right. They had almost a whole block of butter in them too and two types of sugar. They must be uber fattening.

  3. Those cookies look so good!
    Lovely blog :)

  4. Thank you :D They tasted well good but we couldn't eat all 30 of them :P


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