32 - Cold and grey and no skating

March 06, 2011
Skating has been cancelled today. Apparently there is a dog show in the same hall but no-one thought to tell us. Found out about an hour before I was due to leave. Bad times. But me and the boy are planning on going for an outdoor skate when he returns, so I cannot wait.

Yesterday I was at a wedding. It was nice to be dressed up with my boy.


Our friends Julie and Gavin got married and it was amazing. I've never been to a wedding of friends before, so it was really nice. They also had the most amazing glittery cupcakes.


I had two. I'm such a fat mess. Also, the grooms Uncle was part of world book night. As part of it they were giving out copies of Philip Pullman's Northern Lights. The whole idea is that you read the book and pass it on to someone else. You register the book online and then every person you pass it on it also registers it, and then you can track it through all the people who read it. Amazing right? My plan is to read it (as I've never read it ever) and then give it away on my blog. I trust bloggers to pass it on and track it's progress as we're so online based as it is.(*Edit* I fail. Read why here.)


I'm also highly enjoying 30 Days of Lists. You can check it out on its pages. I like having something to do everyday to make sure I stay creative.

I also found this post of Feeling Stitchy which talks about a stitch along. I had never heard of this before but it looks well fun. Basically everyone gets the same pattern, stitches it throughout the month and then posts photos. Amazing right?

I've haven't started my embroidery yet, but I like the idea of this, so this might be the thing I need to kick start me. Sounds like a plan.

And finally, I have all the email addresses for Pay it Forward now. Excited much? Now I just need to finalise what I'm going to make and get on it. I got some fabric for one thing today, so this week should hopefully be craft central.


  1. AHhhh nice picture! Shame about skating, but the weather's nice enough to be outside.

    Im loving the World book events, bbc 2 had a whole host of great programmes related to it on last night. Very enjoyable. I love the idea of you passing the book on and tracking it too.

    I meant to do the 30 days of lists, unfortunately I was a bit unprepared, and want to do it properly so will probably wait until next time.


  2. Yeah I thought it was such a cool idea. I've come across book crossing before, where my mum just found a book on some steps outside one day and we found out it had been tracked online like that. So cool.

    Doing the 30 days of lists is definately cool. I hope they do it again. Fun times.



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