31 - It's Friday, I'm in love

March 04, 2011
So it's been a bit crazy over the past couple of days! I put up a post for the Pay it Forward project and got 5 people involved. :D Exciting times. So far I have 4 email address, so when I get the last one, I'll email everyone, collect addresses and then plan what I'm going to make :D.

I'm also participating in Articoke Designs' handmade craft swap. Basically she matches up participants into pairs and they make something for eachother. It sounds much fun. If you feel like getting involved pop over to her blog and she'll send you a nice questionnaire.

I'm trying to sort out all the things I want to try making and it's crazy how many things I want to make. I won't get the chance to do anything tomorrow because I'm at a wedding, but hopefully can make time on Sunday and the rest of the week.

And finally, 10 follows! Thanks so much you guys. It means a lot to know that people are reading the stuff I post here. You guys are amazing.

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