30 - Pay it Forward

March 03, 2011
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 So, you may have seen this Pay it Forward thing going around the blogs. And yesterday I got involved in it.

My comment was one of the first five (well six really but she was nice and let us all through) on Just Because by Lee Lee, which means I will be getting something lovely and handmade by her. Exciting times? Yes indeed.

This means it is now my turn!

Here's how it works:
  •  Be one of the first five people to comment on this post
  •  You will receive something handmade from me within the next few months
  •  Post about Pay it Forward on your blog/social media site of choice, and send something    handmade to the first five people who comment on your post. Keep the craftiness going!
  •  You can send anything, big or small, it just must be handmade.

So if you are one of the first five people to comment on this, leave your email address and when I have 5 lucky people I'll email you for your addresses.

The rules says your hand-made gift will reach you by the end of 2011, but I'm hoping to have them done well before that.

So yeah get involved, the re-post on your own blog and make nice things for your followers.



  1. Oh, me me me! :D I adore this idea.



  2. hehe, I'm totally jumping in on this :)


    ps. thanks for putting that craft swap button on your blog! <3

  3. Awesome times :)

    Tiz quite alright, I like to try and keep track of all the crazy blogging things I'm getting involved in :D

  4. :):) im in!! Thank you for participating in mine! :)

  5. Hey! I would LOVE something from you! This is awesome :)

  6. Hey SplinK, just leave your email address and I'll email you for your address once I have my 5th person. :D

  7. Ok, i could do it! i've never had a blog - apart from my most emo-tastic livejournal when i was like 13. fascinating reading it was NOT!!

    I am quite good with craft stuff, so i can make things for people - although how do you get your blog linked with pther people who will then read it and post?? blog virgin here!

  8. ha ha you basically just post on yours and other people's with comment and hope that people follow you. :D You don't have to do it back if I make something for you, it's just to spread the crafty love.

    Cool, you're my last person then! Woo!

  9. Hey SplinK, can you please leave your email address for me? Otherwise I'll have to open up the last space to someone else?

  10. Hi again! I am so sorry for not leaving my email, I'm just now getting the hang of this!
    Thank you so much
    my email is zayda.calvo@gmail.com
    thanks again!

  11. hey, it's quite alright. just wanted to make sure you didn't forget :) cool. i'm just on my phone just now but when i get home tonight i'll email you for address. :) thanks for getting back to me. x

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