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March 02, 2011
So after revealing to my mother the hardships of trying to get my edged scissors to cut felt she simply said "were you using pinking shears?". Oh okay, suddenely everyone knows the diffenrece. Damn it. I assumed sharp = cuts fabric, but clearly not. So pinking shears have been added to the wish list at the back of my Filofax (which is so far empty are the last haul, but I sense that won't last too long). With my mum being a nursery teacher, she should have quite a good knowledge of simple craft-type things, as she must have to do them all the time.

2nd day of the lists today and it's Things I'm Good At. I'll post a picture of today's one because this post is a little photo light.

List 2 - Things I'm Good At

I didn't bring it to work today, so I did it when I got home. I want to try and get my pictures up on Flickr one day before the 30 Days of Lists blog actually blogs about it. That way I might get my picture featured on the blog. Everyone's lists are so different and amazing, it's really fun reading them.

Tomorrow and Friday night I'm actually going to be in the house all night, so I can finally get around to making some more things. I plan to try and make 1 and maybe 2 of those plastic bag holders. I also want to attempt one of the many iPod cases I've been eying up.

I also found a larger version of the tissue holder, as the one I made first was the kid's pattern. This one holds a travel pack of tissues instead of just a couple. So I may attempt again and see if I can get it a bit neater. Because I had cut the waves free-hand last night, the middle didn't quite line-up right, so it didn't look as nice as it could have. Second time lucky eh?

So night I'm popping round to my friend's house to play the new Michael Jackson dancing game for the wii. I'm quite excited. I've played Just Dance but not the Michael Jackson one. Hopefully I don't look like a total tool.

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