27 - Tuesdays blow!

I don't know what it is about me and Tuesdays, but we've never got along. It used to be my worst days at school, university and college. And now even though work is the same everyday, shit seems to hit the fan on a Tuesday. Fail. Very busy with things today, but lunch breaks make things better (as does Avril Lavigne), so I'm not as likely to kill now.

Today is the first day of the 30 Days of Lists challenge. You can find my List 1: A Few Things About Yourself by going to my dedicated page. I have to say, it was a lot of fun actually getting to write in the book after having it sitting naked for a couple of days, but I was worried about smudging my writing, so it was quite scary too.

Also it's the first of March! Woo. So I thought I should update you with my New Year's Resolutions list, so you can see how I've been getting on. (This also has it's own page, which I update as I go).

Completed goals will be struck out when I do them.
Goal in progress are in bold.

1. Watch 50 films I haven't seen.
(1. Basketcase 2.)
(2. Basketcase 3.)
(3. Eat, Pray, Love.)
(4. Blades of Glory.)
(5. Toy Story 3.) 
2. Read 50 books I haven't read.
(1. Needful Things by Stephen King.)
(2. Whip It by Shauna Cross.)
3. Read 20 graphic novels I haven't read.
4. Buy and read 50 comic books.
(1. Predators - Friend or Foe?! No.1.)
(2. Daredevil - The Man Without Fear. No. 507.)
(3. The Expendables. No.2.) 
5. Go to the theatre 5 times.
6. Go to 5 gigs. 
(1. Gay for Johnny Depp, The Computers, Secta Rouge, Shields Up - Sneaky Pete's - 21/02/2011. I only stayed for Shields Up and Secta Rouge, but then I was only really there to see Shield's Up.)
7. Watch 10 TV series that I have and have never watched the whole way through (I do this a lot).
8. Pass my minimums at roller derby.
9. Read 10 biographies/autobiographies.
(Currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.)
10. Go to a bout for all the Scottish teams (Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow (and maybe the central team/Inverness if they get going by the end of the year but they're just starting out).
(1. Aberdeen vs Perth - Taco Hell - 12/02/2011.)
(2. Edinburgh vs Wakefield - Crashablanca - 26/02/2011.)
11. Make my way through my French lesson CD's.
12. Learn to play 10 songs off-by heart on my keyboard.
13. Learn how to knit.
14. Learn how to cross-stitch.
15. Make 10 crafty kits.
(1. Dreaming Kitty - Cross stitch kit.)
(2. Mackintosh Rose Keyring - Cross stitch kit.)
(3. Bat - Soft toy kit.) 
16. Fill my sketch book.
17. Fill my owl notebook.
18. Go on holiday in a caravan.
19. Go to Glasgow for a night out.
20. Get a new tattoo.
21. Learn to play poker.
22. Learn to read my tarot cards.
23. Learn to read my rune stones.
24. Learn to play chess so I know all the moves.
25. Eat at 10 places I've never eaten at before.
(1. Compass in Leith.)
26. Go to Paris.
27. Learn to crochet.
28. Pass my rules test at roller derby.
29. Get my gamer score to 15,000.
30. Try and have a blog and actually keep it.

I keep freaking out because I either forget to put things in (right there I remembered I had been somewhere I hadn't eaten before) or I think I'm going to run out of time. Calm down love, it's only March. 9 months left, I'm sure I'll get through most of them. Things like Paris I don't expect to definitely do, but those are more money dependent. 

I wold love to have something completely ticked off by the end of March but I'm not sure how likely that is. I'll give it my best shot though.  


  1. "I only stayed for Shields Up and Secta Rouge, but then I was only really there to see Shield's Up.)"

    Shields Up collectively hug you for your efforts.

  2. i love your lists and goals!! things i think i can help with:-

    Have you seen Great Expectations, the one with Gwyneth Paltrow? normally she's fail but i love this film
    Also I have many others, like the 4 Crow films and So I Married An Axe Murderer and also Roller Derby Workout which is also kind of a film!!
    Sin City - have you seen that?

    I love books! I have tonnes of all kinds of genre. Maybe we could do a book swap. I could loan you the Satanic bible. (i'm not a satanist, as i'm an athiest - i just find it fascinating!)
    Also I have Courtney Love's book 'Dirty Blonde' which is amazing
    And i have Marilyn Manson's autobiography which is feelthy and amazing and mind blowing. That would also sort you out for an autobiography.
    I also have Margaret Thatcher's biography (ha!); Courtney Love's biography and Nikki Sixx's autobiog - it fucking ROCKS!! Unlike Slash from Guns n Roses' autobiography, which SUCKS COCK

    Comic Books
    Have you read the Sin City graphic novels? I also have many other graphic novels, mostly featuring pretty lady superheroes!

    I can knit. But i think you can already do that?

    I come from Glasgow - I know all the best places there! There's some amazing places, depending on what music/crowd you like. I usually go to rock places which are like Opium and Hive

    I have a set of beginners tarot cards!

    And Dundee bout - well if you're free next Sat they're playing Manchester. hey didn't you come to the Perth -v- Dundee also? I think that was this year

    Ok so longest post ever! hah! i'm either very helpful or rather annoying.

  3. That's a lot of resolutions! I have 5 and struggle to keep up with them! They're all pretty interesting too. Hope you keep up the good work xxx

  4. Hey thanks, I love lists, keep me focussesd. No I haven't seen Gret Expectations, I don't think so anyway, but I like old costume style stuff so I would probs like it :D I've seen a couple of the crow films, so I married and Sin City. Love that movie! I'm awaiting my roller derby workout dvd :D

    I actually bought Country Love's book last summer, yet to read it though. I'm pretty sure I own like a 100 books I haven't read. Trying ot make myself read the ones I have before I buy more :P I haven't read Sin City but I would love to. Just bought the Scott Pilgrim books but I need to read them.

    Yeah my boy goes out in Glasgow a lot but I've never been. I'm a hive/opium girl, so that would defo be what I was looking for.

    Yeah I've got tarot cards too, just need to learn to read them proper :P

    And yup yup I should be coming to the Dundee bout with the rest of the ARRG girls. I was at the Perth/Dundee one but I think that was last year. Was amazing thought :D.


  5. And hey thanks, I like lists, they keep me focussed and stuff. Good to have something to aim for.


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