1 - My New Years Resolutions.

February 01, 2011
So I decided I was going to write a list of New Year's resolutions. But fun things. And things I was more likely to do, rather than a diet or exercise. So I eventually came up with the below list, even though it's February, and decided to give it a bash in 2011.

And as the last goal on my list was "Try and have a blog and actually keep it", this is me attempting number 30 on my list.

So I thought I would keep track of the list, as well as blog about other shit that goes on.

I'll re-post the list every month-ish so you can see what's been ticked off, but I'll be keeping it right up-to-date on my "New Year's Resolutions" page. So go have a peek.

1. Watch 50 films I haven't seen.
2. Read 50 books I haven't read.
3. Read 20 graphic novels I haven't read.
4. Buy and read 50 comic books.
5. Go to the theatre 5 times.
6. Go to 5 gigs. 
7. Watch 10 TV series that I have and have never watched the whole way through (I do this a lot).
8. Pass my minimums at roller derby.
9. Read 10 biographies/autobiographies.
10. Go to a bout for all the Scottish teams (Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow (and maybe the central team/Inverness if they get going by the end of the year but they're just starting out).
11. Make my way through my French lesson CD's.
12. Learn to play 10 songs off-by heart on my keyboard.
13. Learn how to knit.
14. Learn how to cross-stitch.
15. Make 10 crafty kits.
16. Fill my sketch book.
17. Fill my owl notebook.
18. Go on holiday in a caravan.
19. Go to Glasgow for a night out.
20. Get a new tattoo.
21. Learn to play poker.
22. Learn to read my tarot cards.
23. Learn to read my rune stones.
24. Learn to play chess so I know all the moves.
25. Eat at 10 places I've never eaten at before.
26. Go to Paris.
27. Learn to crochet.
28. Pass my rules test at roller derby.
29. Get my gamer score to 15,000.
30. Try and have a blog and actually keep it.

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