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February 08, 2011
So I ordered some embroidery books this week and they came today (right when Amazon said they would, very happy).

After reading Miss Kirsty's blog (which I mentioned before) and perving on embroidery stuff, I decided to look at the Sublime Stitching website. Oh my, if you like crafting at all you have to check this site out. It is amazing. I have been popping on it constantly today to look at different sections.

My books are also the most lovely books I have ever seen, and was I on my own I might have given them a cuddle when I opened them. I decided the Sublime Stitching ones were the best because not only did the instructions seem good, but the patterns were totally the type of things I would like to sew onto cushions and hankies. It was hard to decide which books to get, so in the end I took Miss Kirsty's suggestions (otherwise I might have ended up buying them all plus other ones off Amazon too).

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Once I have eaten my messy Super Noodles I will be spending the remainder of my lunch break perving over these lovely books and wishing I didn't have a job so that I could spend the rest of the day looking at them.

I've also been reading up on cross stitching since I was finding my one a little hard. I've already discovered a few mistakes I think I've made on mine (which isn't finished), but I'm still going through the learning process eh?
  • I'm not sure if the small section of actual cross stitches I've done are all going in the same direction. Oops.
  • I've realised I've not been securing the thread at the back.
  • I've done the outline first and apparently that's to be done last...even though it seems easier to me to do it first but hey ho. 
  • Also forgot to masking tape down the edges to stop them fraying. Need to get on that one. 
I'll post a photo when I'm done though and hopefully it will still look nice.

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