8 - Attempting cross stitches

February 07, 2011
So last night while watching Dancing on Ice in the house by myself, I cracked out a little cross stitch kit and attempted it. It took me three attempts to get the thread right (I didn't realise it was a group all bunched together, so started off way too thick) but once I got it, it started looking pretty good. I did the whole outline and it actually worked. However, trying to do the actual cross-stitches is quite hard. They just look fail, and not as lovely as they do on the picture that comes with the kit. I shall continue it at another time, but I'm worried it's going to look rubbish.

Lunch break at work and I'm just about to start Eat, Pray, Love. I've wanted to read this book ever since I saw the trailer for the movie (which I'm yet to actually see) so I'm quite excited. Plus, because it is a memoir, it counts towards my 10 autobiographies/biographies resolution. So always good.

It's snowing, which is never a good thing, and it's got the derby girls worrying about travelling to the Aberdeen/Perth bout Taco Hell this weekend.

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I have yet to see Aberdeen play (which means I am yet to own an Aberdeen t-shirt) so I am muchos looking forward to this. Live derby is so exciting, and it definitely helps me understand all the little rules the more I watch it. This bout has been cancelled before because of the snow, so hopefully it will all be fine come Saturday.

I cannot wait to get home, as tonight we are going to the pub quiz at the Southern bar in Edinburgh. It's a music quiz mostly, which is great because I love intros and lyrics round. Hopefully be good fun, though I will be missing Glee to be there. Sigh.

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