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February 05, 2011
So I like books. In fact I adore books. In the summer I went to Barter Books in Alnwick (in England) and bought something stupid like 35 books. They are amazingly cheap and the place is huge! You could get lost in there, and I spent about 2 hours in there. Crazy times. However, real life tends to get in the way.

I got my first real full-time job in August and took up roller derby a few weeks after, and so anything that wasn't those two things failed. I also used to get the bus to college a lot = a lot of reading time. And now I drive everywhere.

I'd been reading Needful Things by Stephen King for months and wasn't really getting anyway, so I decided to get into gear this month. I finished the book last night, woo finally, and moved on to Whip It by Shauna Cross this afternoon. And finished it about an hour ago.

So, Needful Things. If you know anything about Stephen King's work, you'll know a lot of his books are huge, and this one was one of those books. But damn was it good. I had seen the movie a few times, but the book wipes the floor with it. It's not particularly "hide behind the sofa" scary, but it's chilling. Amazing, and even though it took me far too long to read, it was well worth it.

Then I moved on to Whip It. Yes, Whip It (or Derby Girl as it's also called) is the book of the film Whip It. And as I'm a derby girl myself, I decided it would be fun to read it. Now the story was good (though quite different from the movie in places) and I did enjoy it, but it wasn't the best written book I've ever read. Worth the read if you liked the film but if you're looking for something to challenge your mind....maybe not eh?

I'm moving on to Eat, Pray, Love tomorrow. I hate picking which books to read, far too many of them.


  1. oooh I love the idea of roller derby. i kinda want to give it a go but im kind of like bambi when i put my skates on. whereabouts do you do it?

  2. I do it with the Edinburgh team, and we practise at the Jack Kane centre near Fort Kinnaird. It's amazing. I was fail at skating when I was little, but it's literally amazing fun. When you have pads on and you're getting told to just try stuff, it makes it far less scary :)

  3. thats awesome! i really wanna give it a go. I'm up in Aberdeen at the mo but might have to look into it!


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