5 - The craft haul

So, if you live in Edinburgh you will know what the weather was like today. It was not good. Rain and wind to an extreme extent, and yet horribly hot under your rain-proof layer. Not a good combo. Regardless I had another day off work and I was definitely going up town to craft shop today. I went to John Lewis and Dunelm Mill (Hobbycraft was given a miss today, but I got everything I needed so I was happy). I had written a list of the basic things my knitting and crochet books suggested I needed, teamed with some needles and some wool. I guessed some random sizes of needles I might need, just for practise, but I can always go and get the ones I actually need when I have an actual pattern to follow.

So here is the load I got (photo taken on my new camera I might add).


Dunelm Mill were having a sale on knitting organising stuff too, so I got a knitting bag and a needle organiser (the pink rolled up thing on the left). Wool was also only about £1.40 a ball, which will be great for practising.

I bought some embroidery stuff, and have ordered some books (as Waterstones had none! Shocking!) from Amazon, which should come some time next week. I'll need to get something to practise on, as the Poundshop had hankies, but they were all stitched over already, so I guess I'll check Asda or something.

I feel like a bit of an old woman considering I stayed in tonight organising my knitting stuff rather than going out for drinkies with work people. But I do have derby tomorrow at 9am and then a family lunch thing, so I think as much sleep as possible is probably a good idea.

Finally, bought some comics in Forbidden Planet, so hopefully getting on top of that New Year's Resolution. I'll let you know how they are once I've read them.

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