4 - The death of a friend...or a camera

So I was going to take a photo of my lovely new (and stupidly large) knee pads, but my camera is ducked. It won't turn one or let me take a photo, so I'm pretty sure that's a bad sign. But hey ho, out with the old and in with the new, so I'm treating myself to a new one tomorrow.

So it's money I don't need to be spending, but I feel I quite need a camera.

I had to pull my crafty skills out quicker than I had thought today, because when my knee pads came, one section was torn away from the edge. Considering you have to mega stretch them to pull them on, I sewed them about four times, so hopefully they will hold.

On the bright side my knitting and crochet books have arrived and I'm already perving over the projects I could do, including a cat iPod cover and skull print pot holders! Nom!

Also on a bright note I forgot I had these books:

Image via
They are so cute and cover a lot of topics, so I might need to dip into a few of them. And I found some embroidery needles in my sewing basket, meaning that's one less thing I have to buy.

On a New Year's list note, last night I watched Basketcase 2. So I can tick 1 film of my "films I haven't seen" list. Even though this was pretty awful. The first one is far better, so I would recommend you watch that (if you like cheesy horror).

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