3 - When craft takes over

As I love crafting, but I'm not very good at it, this year I've decided to get good. Knitting and crochet are on the cards, as is getting better at sewing (actually using my sewing machine more) and trying my hand at cross stitch and those soft toy kits I keep buying from Hobbycraft (I've made two before, a guniea pig and a mouse, though the mouse was a gift. I know I used the sewing machine for the mouse (because I broke a needle) though I'm sure I used my hands for the piggy. Anyway I want to make sure I hand sew them from now on so I can improve my hand sewing skills too).

However, today while bored I came across this post from Miss Kirsty who has a very crafty little blog. And she was talking about embroidery. Automatically I'm on Amazon looking at books I can buy and adding to my lovely crafty basket. However, I restrained myself (though during my trip to Hobbycraft to buy knitting stuff I may not be as good).

It looks so much fun, and I like the idea of making little things that look amazing and don't require too many supplies. I also like the idea of something crafty I can do on my lunch breaks at work. It's definitely something to add to the list.

I may have a look through all my crafty books tonight, as I know I have a bead jewellary type one I have yet to do anything with. I need more funds to fuel the craft habbit. When I'm rich and retire, I'm well getting a craft room.


  1. hey there! thanks for the mention :)
    I'm so into embroidery, its so easy to pick up. I would reccommend, if you can, going to John Lewis over Hobbycraft for somethings. HC can be way expensive - my packs of 36skeins of floss were only £5 in JL compared to about £15 in HC.
    I did get some awesome plain tote bags from HC for 99p tho which I'm planning to stitch!

  2. Awesome, I was planning on hitting town tomorrow anyway so I may go to John Lewis en route to hobbycraft. Yeah I do find they can be really expensive for some stuff, but everything's under one roof it's so much easier eh :P ha ha. I'll take a bash at it and see how it goes :) Thanks! x


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