26 - Orange you glad I didn't say banana

February 28, 2011
Random title, but I heard it on the TV and post titles are hard. When I come home from work I spend far too much time lazying about, and therefore very little gets done. Which is why it is 10 o'clock before I'm blogging. Sigh. Feels like an epic waste of time.

So tonight I made list of all the things I wanted to make and then tried to make something. I made this tissue holder for my boyfriend.
Tissue holder

It went a bit fail because my curvy scissors wouldn't cut the fabric so I had to cut it wavy myself. Doesn't look quite as nice as Martha's one. I also used a button instead of a felt heart with an initial. Just thought it would look a bit more crafty.

I was going to make myself one, but then it got late and I was far too tired.

One of the other things I wanted to make on my list was a felt iPod cover I saw on some other site. And then I forgot which site it was. While trying to find it on Google, I found this iPod cover.

Image via

Image via

How cute it it? You can get the pattern here. I tried about 6 times to draw the pattern for my iPod classic (as this is for a nano) but I couldn't do it. I'm tired and I'm idiot. I will get there eventually, but I couldn't do it tonight. I need like whole days off to craft.

On a bright note, the 30 Days of Lists challenge type thing starts tomorrow. I am very much looking forward to it. Very excited to see what the lists are actually going to be like. Hoping to get it done on lunch or maybe at night when I'm at my mum's. I'd like a job where crafting was part of it please.

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