25 - Strawberry folders forever

February 27, 2011
So I spent today making my folder for the 30 Days of Lists challenge. So I thought I would show it off before the challenge starts on Tuesday. You've already seen my lovely strawberry print folder, but let's take a look at the inserts.

I put in a plastic pocket in for everyday, with the number of the day marked on in stickers. Either spelt out in letters...

Page dividers

Page dividers

Or label stickers with the number written on it.

And then I put a little title page at the front, because the folder was already so pretty.

Title page

I think this looks a little better than a notebook.

On a derby note, the bout was amazing. ARRG won 158 to Wakey's 22, which I'm sure you'll agree it a totally amazing score. And my shortbread sold out, for a £1 a piece! So happy. I saw a kid munching on some and he looked very happy. I bought another ARRG t-shirt and a Wakey t-shirt, and four ARRG badges which now decorate my scarf as you can see.


I also bought this lovely panda necklace from a chick who has a jewellery stall. You can view her stuff here. She had some lovely Scrabble/Lego/Trivial Pursuit stuff. And it was so cheap!


You can get this necklace from Seventeen Nineteen.

Unfortunately I didn't really have any free time this weekend. Derby and party on Saturday night, and then hungover-derby-hungover on Sunday meant I didn't get much done. Fail and a half. I really wants to go to town on my new felt and tea towels and make some cute things.

Finally, I've been getting a lot (and I mean A LOT) of craft newsletters greeting me in my mail box these days. It's great, and actually means I have emails that I want to read. My Martha Stewart newsletter linked me to his kids craft project for a felt cherry pie. Looks quite cute, but what use would I have for it I hear you ask. However, I read the comments below and one read suggested use it as a giant pin cushion. Amazing! I definitely plan on making this and using it for exactly this purpose.

I also want to make a felt version of Belial from Basketcase, who looks like this in case you don't know.

So he's not very cute right? Well he's a deformed Siamese twin who has been cut from his "normal" brother. He's not going to look cute. But I want to make a cute version. I would love it to be around cushion-ish size but I'm not sure how much felt that would require, so I think I'll try making an ickle version first and seeing how it turns out. If I make a trip to Hobbycraft for cherry pie felt (not soon, because I was JUST there and bought a lot) then I'll buy some peachy coloured felt. I'll need to draw up a paper plan first. Wish me luck.

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