24 - Pre-derby

February 25, 2011
So it's the night before bout night. I can't imagine how excited I would get if I was playing tomorrow. Alas I am just baking and selling t-shirts. So last time I made cupcakes, so tonight I made flower shaped shortbread...as you do.


I only got 15 because the cookie cutter is quite big. I had a test one, and they are quite nice. Hope the rest are as nice. If you want to try them, and I got them off the BBC recipes website.

I was supposed to be going out tomorrow, but convinced myself I would be too tired and wouldn't want to go after the derby. Then tonight I realised how fail I was being, because I literally never get the chance to hang out with my work mates. So I have re-decided to go. Should be a good laugh, though I think I shall only have a bottle of wine or something as I am expected to skate the next day.

I also had another visit to the craft shops, but this time I was armed with a list so I didn't stray too far off the path. Though I did buy SOME extra things such as ribbon (in the sale) and cheap stamper things.

Some of the nicest things I go included a nice selection of felt, hopefully for making the tissue holders I mentioned in an earlier post.


The navy is for one I'm making for my boyfriend, but the rest are for me/presents/something else. I saw a nice felt iPod case thing do somewhere. If I find it, I'll post it and maybe make it. 

I also got some nice tea towels for making the plastic bag storer I was talking about yesterday.


I think I'll make two for myself and maybe one for my mum or something. Really nice print and only cost £3.99 for all three.

Finally, and you may have noticed the button on my blog and the new pages dedicated to it, I have decided to take part in the 30 Days of Lists. It starts on the 1st of March and basically you write the lists they tell you to (I have no idea what they are yet). They say you can do it however you want, so I chose to buy a nice new folder.


I about plastic pockets to organise the inside, coloured card for each day's list and stickers to make it pretty. I have a nice page dedicated to it so it can all be viewed together.

I'm quite excited about this, so hopefully it should be good fun. Pop over to the blog and see what it's all about. You can add photos to their Flickr stream too, so everyone knows what you are up to. I'm going to decorate my binder (which only cost £1 I may add) tonight or Sunday and then upload it to their Flickr. It's exciting time. Hopefully I have time for all this crafting now. I'll need to plan my ass off.


  1. im your newest follower! I hope to see more of your posts. I found you from 30 days of lists.. I am hoping to also particpate in this!

  2. Awesome :D Thanks for following :D Yeah you should, it's so much fun to be a part of :D


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