22 - Things have gone a bit batty

February 23, 2011
You can tell it's going to be a good blog post when it starts off with an awful pun, but it's late and I've been typing all day, so my brain is a little bit mush. First night in the house this week, so I finally got my craft on.

So I finally got round to making my little bat kit that I was talking about before and here are the results.

Plush bat

He turned out...well looking like a bat, so I'm happy. Though I messed up a few of the stitches and apparently I can't follow instructions very well as I had his eye in the back of his head at one point and I left the hole of stitching in his side instead of his belly. But he looks like a bat, looks cute and is now named Monty so I am happy.

I once made a guinea pig with one of these kits, which I think I sewed by hand by I can't remember (pretty sure I did) and a mouse (which I sewed by machine for time reason and broke a needle :s). They are really good little kits and I still have a bumble bee to make. They are little cuties when they are sewed up.

I was reading a post today on A Giraffe in a Scarf about sorting out floss, and if you check out the post, you will see how lovely her floss actually is. Now because I am yet to start embroidering, all my floss is still wrapped in it's packet, though I did by the cardboard floss sorters. But this just takes it to a new level. I had dreams of going to Hobbycraft to look for boxes like this to commence sorting (once I crack it open obviously) but my boyfriend was making tacos so I had to come home. I may venture up on Friday though, as it is payday.

And finally, during my lunch hour, when I should have been doing something productive like reading/studying for roller derby rollers test/learning more French, I discovered Martha Stewart's blog. I probably should have come across this before, but alas I haven't. I signed up for the Craft of the Day newsletter, so I think I'll have to be careful not to go mad.

Some of the things I really like on there included a tissue holder and  a towel beach bag.

And lastly, I promise, I found this beautiful notepad on the Totally Tutorials blog. I need to make one of these. They are so pretty.

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