20 - What a skatetastrophy!

February 20, 2011
So, derby practise has been moved from it's usual slot of 2.45pm until 4.45pm to 1pm till 3pm, which means I cannot go! I cannot express how sad this makes me. I have a lunch with my boy's family and considering I already said I would definitely be there, it seems rude of me to change. The derby girls say they expect people to have plans so they are not bothered if you can't come, but still....*tears*. Well my legs are killing me from squats yesterday and I have bruises on my hips from hip checking the wall (don't ask) so maybe it's not the end of the world if I stay at home.

I  plan to start sewing one of my soft toy kits today. I have a bat and a bee waiting for me, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the bat first.

Also I went shopping yesterday. Food shopping yes, but Asda have some amazing clothes.

I got this dress which I have been perving on for weeks and it FINALLY went into the sale.

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This lovely mustard top, which I think will go with a lot of things I own.

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And this denim dress type thing, which was also in the sale.

Image via

 My ASOS play suit is also lovely on, so really happy with it :). I do perhaps need to stop shopping though.

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