21 - Dork Stitch x2

February 21, 2011
So last night my boyfriend found this awesome site called Dork Stitch that features free cross stitch patterns of geeky type things. They have things like IT Crowd  patterns and Invader Zim bookmarks. I got really excited looking through it, but there are only 3 pages :( boo. So not as much browsing as I would have liked. Hopefully it gets loads more added to it.

Then I noticed this on the side of their page "If you came here looking for the original Dork Stitch, she gives out free patterns as well, so please stop by her blog and check her out. You can find her blog at Dork Stitch."

So I popped over to her blog and had a look-see.  Oh my god, it is literally amazing. She has loads of free patterns, and they are all very geeky, as the name of her blog would imply.

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 There are simply loads of patterns on her page, so you won't be stuck for something to stitch. When I get some cross-stitching fabric (and not just the kits I have just now), I will definitely be attempting some Pokemon characters.


  1. AHHHHH this sounds right up my alley!Ive wanted something like this for ages! LOve the mario one! xxxx

  2. I know right! My boyfriend gets bored and Googles geeky stuff he wants me to learn to make. He actually said "I thought when you took up cross-stitching it was going to be boring, but it now seems really cool." I love the girl's Pokemon and Street Fighter patterns.

    I think my friends will defo be getting geeky bookmarks as presents from now on.

  3. Thank you very much for writing about my blog here! I'd be lying if I didn't say I very much appreciated the plug, but I really hope you like making the patterns if you decide to make them, too! I made the IT Crowd Moss from other-Dork Stitch, too, and it was really nifty.

  4. hey it's quite alright. i like writing about awesome stuff and it makes it easier to find when i want to go back and make stuff :) i'll defo be making some when i get the proper fabric stuff. right now i'm working through some pre-made kits. love your patterns. right up my street.

  5. Wow old comment alert. It's Chris here from dorkstitch.com. I plan on adding some more things soooon. Work sucks.

    I take requests if anyone has an idea for a mario themed pattern. I have ran outta ideas :/

  6. Ha ha wow that is an old comment! Awesome, would be amazing to see some new exciting stuff going up :)


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