2 - Waiting for the post.

February 02, 2011
As someone who spends a lot of her money on internet shopping (mostly because I decide I want something right then and there and need to feel like I have purchased it) you think I would be more accustomed to dealing with the post and the people who deliver it. But I'm really not.

Right now I am currently waiting on three things:

A knitting book.  Source.

A crochet book. Source.

And my lovely Rector Fat Boys knee pads. Source.

However, the post seems intent on screwing me over, meaning that I can't have my things when I want them.

My knee pads were delivered to my work today, but because the receptionist was missing from her desk, the UPS man kindly took them home with him, rather than simply asking someone else where to find me. Fail! So now I've had to have them re-sent to my home address as I'm off work tomorrow and Friday.

My lovely Amazon books were also shipped a little later than planned, and now won't make an appearance until tomorrow, again though these will be delivered to my work. As I was planning on spending tomorrow wandering around craft shops looking for knitting needles, if I want to do that I'm going to have to pop into work and pick them up. I'm so cool.


  1. Ohhhh how they are good! Let me know! Im so jealous of your roller derbyinggg, I keep meaning to start!


  2. Roller derby is definitely the most fun thing in the world and I recommend anyone and everyone to give it a bash. :)


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