19 - Getting ma craft on

February 17, 2011
So no films were watched tonight because with my man out of the house the temptation to watch the soaps was far too high. So that's what I did. I also cracked out on of my craft kits and made a Mackintosh rose keyring kit.

Cross stitch keyring

This time I actually managed to get all the stitches right, and as there was no outlining to be done, I could just do whatever bits I wanted to. However, I did do a couple of rows to close to each other, so there isn't as much space as there should be, but the whole pattern is there. So it's not all bad.

I stuck a piece of bright pink card on the back of the rose so that the keyring didn't show my stitching, as it's not as pretty as it could be.

I'm well chuffed with it, and think it turned out a lot better than my little cat, even though I was still happy with that. I still have the coaster and the magnet to make and I can definitely see myself buying more of these kits. Branching out onto my own patterns may be quite scary and a long way off.

Still waiting on my Sublime Stitching order. Damn me for not living in America. Hopefully it comes soon. On a bright note I bought this play suit off Asos today.

Image via

I got next day delivery free, so woo I will have this tomorrow. Been looking for a play suit with t-shirt length sleeves for a while now, so this is lovely.

Tomorrow is my first bout night at derby. Means I get to watch the ARRG girls bout against each other and we can practise roles that we could maybe do on a real bout day (sin bin timing and score keeping etc). Most exciting, though my derby wife is at a derby boot camp in England. Hopefully I will learn some non-skates based derby knowledge.

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