18 - The handbag post

February 16, 2011
So tonight has been spent watching Eat, Pray, Love...falling asleep and then re-watching a chunk of Eat, Pray, Love. Even though I haven't even finished the Rome section of the book, I far prefer the book to the movie. If I ever become rich enough that I can take a few months off work I would definitely do it and move to France or Italy and just enjoy it.

I haven't been doing much lately. No craft (though I did get the patterns for the roller derby cross stitches nom!), no drawing, no writing. Just working and then being so tired from work I have to sleep. Which isn't how I'd like to be. And because of this I feel I have nothing really interesting to post about, so I'm doing a handbag post.

The full contents....yes I carry a lot of stuff around with me

Make-up case with pain killers, plasters, nail killers, Rennie type tablets, tissues, hand wash, lip gloss, mirror, throat sweets, tampon, hair brush and hairspray

Memory stick, notepad, scissors, lip balm, gum, plectrum, headphones, lighter, tiny screwdrivers, troll charm, little charms for luck

iPod and mobile phone (and their socks)

Purse, hand cream and deo (post derby)

Two most important things - organiser and current book

Flat keys, car keys, Mum's house keys, rape alarm (yes really), strawberry shopping bag, card holder,

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