14 - Derby injuries

February 13, 2011
Ok so derby is fun, but you can get hurt as well. Today I did this to my leg myself...which is impressive.


That is my thigh in case you can't work it out. Fell into my own wrist pad and hacked a chunk out my leg which has now decided to bruise. I also landed on my own wheel which has resulted in a lovely red patch where my ass meets my leg (now you can see why there is no photo of that one!).

Today I felt really down after derby. It's hard not to feel a bit fail when you think you're making mistakes and everyone else seems to be getting it right. Injuring myself (twice) just made me feel even more stupid. After having such a good day yesterday. Though I did add half a lap on my 25 in 5, but I did that right at the start of the session so all the shit that happened sort of failed all that. Though my derby wife is very good at keeping me in good spirit. I hope I move at to a Wednesday practise at the same time as her, or I'm going to need to record her compliments and listen to them on my iPod.


  1. I sprained my ankle BADLY at my first practice (I'm pretty sure I fractured my leg, too). I haven't gotten the chance to skate again since then because of school.
    DO NOT FEEL DOWN! *determined face*
    I know what you mean, though. I was always really hard on myself when I was out. :|

  2. Yeah derby is definately the most fun thing and the hardest thing rolled into one! I just want to be awesome at it all the time, and I know that's not going to happen. One day :)

    Hope you feel better, not being able to skate sucks :( x


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